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Oct. 13th, 2006 | 10:13 pm
posted by: ladylynx in atlus_coolkids

Whores of Warcraft.

That is all.

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Atlus slump?

Dec. 17th, 2005 | 03:21 am
posted by: _deadtorights_ in atlus_coolkids

What's happened to the Atlus forum? It seems like only a few months ago it was overflowing with a few hundred posts daily, but now hardly no one is posting anymore, and it's almost as if the forum is slowly returning to it's former self. Where the hell is Camanche?

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don't forget about us

Oct. 26th, 2005 | 03:43 am
posted by: entropic_soul in atlus_coolkids

Remember to post non Atlus MB regulation junk here. I wanted to be Gackt for halloween but I'm probably too fat. :p I'llprobably just take the kids out and wish I had some hookers. :p

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Address of some sort of some shit.

Sep. 13th, 2005 | 03:23 am
mood: crankycranky
posted by: ladylynx in atlus_coolkids

Well, Vyers is away..and the cool kids must play. And play we shall.

Among all things, I was looking today at the post counts. It makes no sense that there are only 6 titles. Of course, adding more titles could incite tantrums from undeserving newbs, as I've seen of many other message boards. However, there is a large gap ranging from 1500 posts to 5000+. Should we all be Arch Mages forever?

Still rather, whether we are all Arch Mages till the end of time, does not Sayckeone deserve his own custom title? I do not even need to explain the Whys. It should just be so.

So with my long and winding post, I recommend that we all PM Vyers, requesting, appealing to Vyers that he give Sayckeone a new title when he reaches 10,000 posts.

Because well, the bastard deserves it. :-P

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Jul. 30th, 2005 | 09:26 pm
posted by: entropic_soul in atlus_coolkids

This kind of thing just pisses me off so much! And you can't do shit about it. What the fuck possesses these people to do shit like this?!

Baby Raped, Beaten to Death

and this bullshit came down today: Two Children Scalding/Death

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(no subject)

Jul. 24th, 2005 | 10:18 pm
posted by: drymouth in atlus_coolkids

Holy crap, I just read Insert Credit and noticed there was a new version of Gunroar.

Among its new features are a double-boat mode (which I have a REALLY hard time controlling :|) and the option to change how Gunroar detects your second stick which is good for those of us who have dual analog controllers AND Gunroar wasn't able to detect them properly before.

GET IT NOW! Support Kenta Cho and all his awesome shooters!

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Black Frost for sale

Jul. 24th, 2005 | 06:25 pm
posted by: entropic_soul in atlus_coolkids

He can now be yours! You can find him here: black frost for sal-ey-o.

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Welcome ATLUS Peeps

Jul. 22nd, 2005 | 01:55 pm
posted by: entropic_soul in atlus_coolkids

Welcome. If you are here then you are cool. Yeah... Anyway those two words on the Atlus MB that were censored were cock and pussy. Just for the record.

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